Advent Serenades

Salzburg Advent Serenades - Advent and Christmas Songs
Classical songs and duets for soprano and baritone, Folk music, Instrumental classical music
Short readings from the Advent and Christmas season

Since their foundation in 1987, over 50.000 people have visited the Salzburg Advent Serenades in the Gothic Hall at Saint Blasius Church.

Over the years, the Advent Serenades have turned into a special and intimate event.

The program, which is put together every year by Harald Nerat, includes classical music, folk music as well as texts fitting the Advent and Christmas season. It comprises popular music and some less-known music.

Salzburg’s top musicians provide for the high artistic level of the performances.

The wonderful surroundings, the festively decorated Gothic Hall and the very personal service provided by Konzertdirektion Nerat, creates a special atmosphere, fitting the Salzburg Advent and Christmas Season.