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The Salzburg Advent with the Salzburger Advent® Salzburger Advent® in St. Andrä Church, the Tobi Reiser Adventsingen Tobi Reiser carol singing in the auditorium of the University of Salzburg, the Salzburger Advent Serenaden Academia Salzburg Advent Serenaden in St. Blaise Church and also the A bsondere Zeit A bsondere Zeit Singing in the great Hall of the Mozarteum are indisputably most beautiful times of the year.

Especially when the first snowflakes float from the sky and pulls the scent of mulled wine and hot chestnuts through the streets that are bustling contemporaries true romantics. The smell of punch, roasted almonds and hot chestnuts gently caress your nose: gingerbread hearts, Nativity figures, Christmas decorations, toys and hand-knitted woolen socks lure sheep for sale!


In Salzburg, in this period many traditional events held to shorten the wait at the Christ for young and old. A visit to the Salzburg Christmas markets, either at the Cathedral Square and Residence Square, in the courtyard of World of beer and the Advent Magic in Hellbrunn and at Mirabell Square Garden and in the star, is worth at the Abbey of St. Peter's or the Hohensalzburg Fortress for all. - Advent & Weihnachten in Salzburg

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Salzburger Hirtenadvent ( früher-Tobi Reiser Adventsingen ) Aula Universität Salzburger Hirtenadvent ( früher-Tobi Reiser Adventsingen ) Aula Universität Festung Hohensalzburg Schloss Hellbrunn Innenhof
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Gstättengasse Bürgerspitalskirche St. Blasius Mozarts Geburtshaus Stadt Salzburg
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Stadt Salzburg Hofstallgasse Festspielhaus Advent Advent Festspielhaus Salzburg Advent in Hellbrunn