Tobi Reiser Advent

At the golden cradle of Advent singing - Tobi Reiser

"What I experienced as a child in my home, in the mountains, I wanted to reflect the citypeople and make them such a joy Advent of its own. Much was back very vividly beforeme, the Anklöpfeln, the hostel search, which Perchteln, the songs ... many ways, who visited in recent days, the carol singing, felt recycled at this time in their own childhood. Does not remember everyone happy carefree children at the time? "
This is what Tobi Reiser wrote in 1966 in a small photo book of the beginnings of his Adventsinging. We who have a good bit of the way with him and
were allowed to go to his son Tobias and coined it for our lives are, we want to connect this desire. Tobi and Tobias Reiser have built with their carol singing folk music a "golden cradle", we want to build on and fulfill this legacy with new life.

Leader: Josef Radauer
Set and Lighting: Prof. Siegwulf Turek
Actual organization: Josef Wimmer